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the galderic method


The positive live-sharing

What is the galderic method?
What does the galderic method bring to the psychological conduct of animals(animal behavioural psychology)?
Why should you train your pet?
What is a clicker? why does the galderic method use the clicker?
Will we always have to use the clicker to ensure our pet behaves well?
What do our clients think?

What is the galderic method?

The galderic Method is designed for the education and training of your pet, it is based on behavioural psychology.

B.F. Skinner (American psychologist 1904-1990) discovered operant conditioning:
A behaviour pattern can be repeated or eradicated by a series of consequences.

By correctly applying this operant conditioning, using the techniques that the galderic method promotes, we can develop a loving and well-behaved pet and establish a long lasting bond of friendship.
To achieve this, the galderic method uses a series of techniques which allows the appropriate use of different types of instrumental conditioning. The most used is a mechanical acoustic device called clicker, used in conjunction with other recognized ways of conditioning.


¿What does the galderic method bring to the psychological conduct of animals (animal behavioural psychology)?

Martí Comalat created THE POSITIVE LIFE-SHARING CONDITIONING, a form of conditioning based on those experiences which animal and human go through together and which are pleasurable to both. These life-sharing experiences, which in the initial phase are reciprocal conditioning stimuli, through time bring about an unconditional positive reciprocal association between person and animal. Life sharing is the positive reinforcer.

The more life-sharing experiences that there are, the better will be the feedback which is established between the animal and the person.

Initial Phase



Reciprocal conditioning stimulus
(Positive reinforcer)

Over time



Reciprocal unconditional stimulus    

We aim to achieve a psychological balance for the animal and this can be accomplished by regular physical activity and adequate mental stimulation in addition to the provision of basic needs. Generally it will be the type of pet and its breed which will determine the amount of time necessary to satisfy these requirements.

While you are training your friend, you will be covering both requirements at the same time: physical activity and psychological or mental stimulation.
With sufficient psycho-physical training and a properly balanced diet our pet friends will reach and maintain their optimum psychological state and at the same time attain the POSITIVE LIFE SHARING CONDITIONING. All of this will have a direct effect on the welfare of our friend.

What is a clicker? Why does the galderic method use the clicker?

Clicker is a little plastic box with a metal strip inserted inside. When the strip is pressed it produces a “click” sound.


The galderic method uses the clicker to achieve those behaviours which are desired. When the clicker is pressed, it emits an audible “click” which the animal associates with the activity it is doing at that time.
Could we use the human voice instead of the clicker? Yes, but it is much less effective than using the clicker.
An animal trained with the clicker learns 50%more quickly than an animal trained using voice only.
The sound of the clicker: “click” is unique and easy for our pets to recognize, whereas words can vary in function depending, for example, on the mood of the speaker, etc…which can lead to confusion for pets. The clicker always offers the same distinct sound.
Our pets are able to distinguish the “click” from amongst other sounds, words and environmental noise.

Will we always have to use the clicker to ensure our pet behaves well?

NO. The galderic method uses a training programme which once established, permits the use of the clicker to be gradually reduced.

¿What do our clients think?

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